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Son Of Man, Sagardo, Basque Style Cider

Son Of Man, Sagardo, Basque Style Cider

“Sagardo means “cider” in Eurskara, the Basque language. Sagardo (pronounced suh-gar-doe) is our flagship. It’s our Pacific Northwest homage to the ciders we love so much from Basque Country. It’s our only cider fermented and aged in giant oak foeders. Bright, balanced, bad ass. The way you always wanted cider to taste. Fermented spontaneously. No added sulfites. This vintage has delicious notes of banana, papaya, clove & orange peel. The pour top cork adds theater to the meal, allowing you to long pour from higher heights. Sagardo’s unique blend includes 25% Muscadet de Lense, 15% Champagne Reinette, 15% Jonathan, 15% Newtown Pippin, 10% Frequin Rouge, 10% Karmijn de Sonnaville, and 10% King David.”

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