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FREE SHIPPING ON 6 or more (750ml) bottles within california with code: RESTOCK

Shipping & Returns


We can now ship orders to the following states: Alaska*, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida*, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon*, Virginia, West Virginia* & Wyoming.

Please note states with (*) have county regulations so there is a chance if you live in a dry county or a county with stricter regulations we may not be able to fulfill your order.


We cannot return or exchange any items purchased at Gemini Bottle Co. with the exception of wine bottles that are corked or food you believe is spoiled. Per California law; returns are only allowed if the item is spoiled or unfit for consumption.

If you think your wine is corked please bring it back to the shop with your receipt and someone from our team will evaluate the wine. If the wine is corked we will replace the bottle if we have it, and if not we can offer a replacement bottle at equal value. We cannot provide a credit or cash refund.

The wines in our shop are handmade by small producers and they may not taste the same every time, or be exactly like you expected, but that’s what’s fun about natural wine. We are happy to talk through wines you are unsure of over the phone or by email. We cannot provide a refund for a wine you simply don't like. Thank you for understanding.