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Pelayo, Wild Fermented Natural Cider Reserve (500mL)

Pelayo, Wild Fermented Natural Cider Reserve (500mL)

The 2021 Pelayo Cider Reserve features our top blend of Newtown Pippin, Fuji, Mutsu, and Gravenstein apples.

Made in the traditional Spanish style, all our juice is spontaneously fermented and aged at low temps for a minimum of 6 months. With zero additives of any kind, it's just local apples and local yeast!

More acidic compared to our standard offering and noticeably dry with notes of salt and citrus. Extended lees aging adds depth and rounds out mouthfeel. Pairs well with seafood, poultry, cured meats and cheeses.

*Specialty cork may be reinserted into bottle allowing for high pours to naturally aerate your cider.


A still cider, made in the minimal intervention Spanish style. Zero additives of any kind, meaning no cultured yeast, nutrients, enzymes, sulfites, sugar, etc. ever touches our juice. Following traditional Asturian techniques, we ferment with native yeast and bulk age at low temps for 6+ months. All apples (Newtown Pippin, Fuji, Mutsu, Gravenstein) are handpicked from our family orchard in Watsonville, CA.

Tasting Notes:
Dry and crisp, almost reminiscent of a sauv blanc or albarino wine. Layers of apple throughout, balanced with light notes of funk and acidity common to sour beers. We recommend serving in a wine glass.”




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