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Mezcal Cuish, Cuish, Espadin

Mezcal Cuish, Cuish, Espadin

Founded 2009, Cuish was the first modern mezcaleria in Oaxaca City, dedicated to promoting and protecting traditional mezcales. It has been a haunt for artists and mezcal advocates alike, and helped to inspire numerous iconic mezcalerias across the country. Promoting the maestros mezcaleros and mezcaleras they collaborate with has always been a focus for Cuish, and production is left entirely to the discretion of the maestros themselves and the local traditions in which they work. As a result, every batch bottled by Cuish is a unique snapshot of the people and place from which the mezcal comes.

This batch of cuishe (Agave karwinskii) was produced from 8 year old wild maguey in the Sierra Sur mountains of Miahuatlán, Oaxaca. Maestro mezcalero Francisco Garcia León comes from a long line of mezcal heritage, and his methods remain traditional and distinct to the region, including the use of a small condenser (or “refrescadera”) with each pass in the still. The spirit itself is herbaceous and clean, with pronounced minerality and delicate tropical notes which tickle the imagination. 48% ABV


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