El Pintor Tequila Joven

El Pintor Tequila Joven

“From the highlands of Jalisco, this first collection consists of our Tequila Joven, which is a blend of Blanco and an Extra Añejo aged from 3 to 4 years in used bourbon barrels. After the blending process it's passed through our proprietary filtration system in which we remove most of the color but leave intact all of the original organoleptic properties. It's cooked in autoclave for 10 hours, fermented with our yeasts that have been used for decades in the Hacienda and then twice distilled in micro batches in copper stills.” -El Pintor

750 ml 41% alc

Aroma: light sweet cooked agave, light stone fruit sweetness, vanilla, earthy, light wood note. Palate: vanilla, light sweet cooked agave, earthy, wood note is more evident on the palate. Finish is medium to medium long, light sweet cooked agave and vanilla note persist.


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