2022 Stagaire 'Part of a Balanced Breakfast' Cider

2022 Stagaire 'Part of a Balanced Breakfast' Cider

Brent on the apple orchard:  "My friend Riley O’Niel Latta(check his wines and ciders) found this “orchard” through family friends. Planted in Corralitos in the 1880s originally, its more of an apple hobbyist homestead than a production orchard. There have been some additional plantings and replants in the 20s and 40s. Ignored for over a decade, the trees are all doing their own thing. Some produce fruit while others choose not to each year. Pruning is shunned and instead we prop up branches where some trees need support. There is a very large mixture of apples (and some pears) out there. I really can’t tell you most of what's what though."

The cider: "So many people told me that cider without bubbles sucked, so I had to make one(I’d be lying if I said part of me just couldn’t be fucked bottling another petnat right then). And with a site as special as this, I felt like it deserved the fancy white wine treatment. So this was fermented and aged in barrel on full lees until it seemed stable and delicious. I hesitate to call this cider and want to just call it wine. It’s very pretty and elegant and light. Hydrating and nourishing and too easy to drink."


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