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2021 Kasnyik 'Bohemian Dog' Blaufränkisch

2021 Kasnyik 'Bohemian Dog' Blaufränkisch

Schiller (German spelling) is somewhere in between a light red and a rosé. Literally, it must 'Shimmer' as the name suggests. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, but the general idea is to have the acidity and perhaps aromatics of a white wine with the grip, fruit and structure of a red.

Macerated for just 2 days and barrel fermented/aged, there’s still enough ripeness to coax out 13.5% alcohol while retaining crazy freshness. Also take into account that their cellar is 10 meters deep which allows for a nice slow fermentation. There’s nothing carbonic or hermetically sealed from oxygen, so it loves to see some oxygen, doesn’t need a deep chill, and gives you the best of both worlds without extended maceration.

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