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Volos Natura Plum Brandy (500ml)

Volos Natura Plum Brandy (500ml)

Serbia is the world’s 5th largest producer of plums and as much as 70% of the total yield goes into distilling Šljivovica. They also date back to the Neolithic age along with figs, grapes, and olives. Many believe it to be among the first domesticated crops in human history. Dejan uses around 70% Čačak Lepotica and 30% Čačak Rodna varieties. These are both native to Eastern Europe and thrive in this continental climate. Healthy fruit is pushed to the point of extreme ripeness where they are about to fall off the tree on their own before being hand picked, mashed, and then spontaneously fermented. It’s then distilled once, distilled again at ~60% alcohol, and this second distillation is blended with demineralized water resulting in ~40% alcohol. There are no other additives.

If you enjoy grappa, eau de vie or even the spirits from Empirical this will blow your socks off


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