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Veso 'Eclipse' Bitter Citrus

Veso 'Eclipse' Bitter Citrus

Eclipse is an experimental line of aperitifs, from Veso. Like the solar eclipse, these don't come around often and won't last long.

300 Bottles Produced

We set out a challenge for ourselves - to honor the big and bold flavors of traditional European amari while staying true to the wine aperitif form and using California ingredients. Bitter Citrus is the culmination of that vision. It packs a punch of bitter and citrus flavors, balanced by the sweetness of the wine and just a hint of cane sugar. Bitter Citrus is a delicious ode to the beauty and depth of a Nonino or a Campari while remaining something entirely its own.

Bitter Citrus aperitif is great chilled on its own or over ice. Try it with sparkling water and an orange slice for a simple spritz! You can also use it in place of bitter aperitifs or amaros in any cocktail for a lighter, brighter cocktail, or in place of vermouth for a bright, citrusy kick.

18% ABV, 750mL


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