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Suyo Pisco 'No. 1' Quebranta

Suyo Pisco 'No. 1' Quebranta

  • Small batch pisco distilled in the Mala Valley of Lima, Peru
  • Distilled from 100% Quebranta grapes, grown on Fundo La Esperanza, 100 meters above sea level, and hand-harvested in mid-March of 2019
  • Maceration, pressing, fermentation, and distillation take place just down the road from the vineyard at the bodega of Fredy Puma, who has been distilling pisco for over 15 years
  • After pressing, the wine is spontaneously fermented for approximately 2 weeks
  • Distilled to proof with a single distillation on a copper alembic still
  • Rested for 20 months before bottling in food-grade polyethylene tanks that have been cured with the heads of previous distillation runs
  • In accordance with the D.O. for Peruvian Pisco, no water is added post-distillation
  • A sprightly nose of saltwater taffy, papaya, and parsnip blossoms on the palate with mango skin and ripe pear. The finish is delicate but long, exhibiting a hint of the custard and floral notes of French patisserie, and a lingering minerality that speaks to a proximity to the sea.
  • Non-chill filtered; 40.5% ABV

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