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Macchia 'Mistral' Vermouth Bianco

Macchia 'Mistral' Vermouth Bianco

Named after the Mistral, a fierce north-westerly wind that blows in the spring, Macchia’s white vermouth is based on Vermentino and Moscato wines from Sardinia (Olbia is a center of Vermentino production). The 18 botanical substances inidiviually infused in pure grain alcohol before being added to the blend include myrtle* leaves, flowers and berries; a very distinctive local citrus type called Pompia*; and elderflower*, chamomile*, helichrysum,* licorice*, mint*, juniper berry*, orange, and lemon. Finished alcohol 18%. Cane sugar is used for sweetness, 160 grams per liter, which is lower than most white and red vermouth on the market

* foraged in Sardinia.


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