Etsu 'Double Yuzu' Gin

Etsu 'Double Yuzu' Gin

Etsu is an artisanal gin born from an ancestral recipe. It means “pleasure” in Japanese.

Made at the Akita distillery in the north of Honshū Island, Etsu Double Yuzu gin is distinguished by a long maceration of the traditional botanicals for 7 days before being distilled without the botanicals for more finesse and elegance. The use of water from the Ōu Mountains, the longest mountain range in Japan, brings purity and freshness.

Japanese yuzu, juniper berries, liquorice and angelica roots, coriander seeds and matcha tea blend beautifully in this gin with fresh, zesty notes.

A true ode to Japan, Etsu Double Yuzu is ideal for cocktails or with a tonic.

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