Aguerrido Refugio Calzada Hernandez 'A. Cupreata' (Papalote)

Aguerrido Refugio Calzada Hernandez 'A. Cupreata' (Papalote)

  • Destilado de Agave produced in Tetitlán de la Lima, Guerrero
  • Maestro Mezcalero Refugio Calzada Hernández
  • 100% Papalote (A. cupreata)
  • Cooked in a rock-lined conical earthen oven with Encino amarillo, white oak, and tepehuaje (leadtree); milled using a small mechanical shredder
  • Fermented 4 days in white pine (ayacahuite) tanks with spring water
  • Distilled twice in traditional copper pot stills
  • Rested 2 years in glass before bottling
  • Rich with earthy aromas of wet black tea leaves, damp earth, fresh wool, beeswax, and barnyard hay—all lifted by delicate notes of yellow flowers, black sesame, peppercorn, and soft linen. Savory and complex.
  • 351 liters produced
  • 46.9% ABV
A third-generation mezcalero, Don Refugio Calzada Hernández began working with mezcal at the tender age of 14, helping to gather seeds and cultivate agave. Now a sturdy 68-year-old maestro himself, Don Refugio’s mezcal is full of earthy notes of herbs and barnyard, a heartwarming welcome to the complexity of Agave cupreata in Guerrero.

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