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Macchia 'Rosso al Mirto' Vermouth

Macchia 'Rosso al Mirto' Vermouth

The myrtle berry (Mirto in Italian) is Sardinia’s most famous botanical, used in the famous Mirto liqueur, and it provides both color and flavor to this assertive, distinctive vermouth. Other botanicals, all individually infused in pure grain alcohol, include wormwood*, gentian root*, helichrysum*, rhubarb-root, licorice*, pompia*, cinchona, mint*, vanilla, mace, cardamom, lemon-peel, and bitter orange; the wine base is Moscato from Sardinia and the non-aromatic Cortese from Piedmont. Finished alcohol 18%. Cane sugar is used for sweetness, 150 grams per liter, which is lower than most white and red vermouth on the market.

* foraged in Sardinia.


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