Fred Jerbis 'Gin 43'

Fred Jerbis 'Gin 43'

Ingredients: 43 Botanical such as: Juniper, Angelica, Lemon, Orange, Mandarin, Time, Lavender, Mint, Anise, Fennell, Mountain Pine, Lemon Balm, Iris, Imperatoria, Savory, Clary Sage, Wormwood, Yarrow, Licorice, Saffron, Orange Blossom,
Hyssop, Marjoram.

Color: Straw Yellow given from the cold infusion of the Orange Blossom & Saffron
Smell: Notes emphasize of Juniper (a higher percent of Juniper versus a classic Gin), a scent of violet from Iris, light lavender and citrus, herbaceous characterized by the
combination between Coriander and Angelica, ending with a
fresh mint scent.

Taste: Gin 43 has a delicate herbaceous but persistent and citrusy flavor; sweetness given by the mixture of Dill, Fennel, Licorice & Anise. A note of bitterness is given by the maceration of the Imperatoria, Gentian, Wormwood and the essential Juniper. A final note is from Angelica seeds and roots; to leave at the end a fresh taste from the mix between Thyme, lemon balm, Sage and Mint.

Friuli, Italy


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