2018 Benoit Marguet Shaman Grand Cru Champagne

2018 Benoit Marguet Shaman Grand Cru Champagne

Benoît farms a total of 10 hectares of vines, 8.5 of which are owned by him and his parents the remaining 1.5 hectares are leased plots from his other family members. The majority of the plots are located in Ambonnay, two hectares are in Bouzy. Marguet is fortunate to have some older vine material, average vine age is about 42 years old. The vineyards are certified organic by Ecocert and Demeter Certified biodynamic

Benoît has 8 different single vineyard plots, of those he currently bottles 4 as single lieu dit bottlings all of which are from Ambonnay. Each bottlings is meant to highlight the distinct variety of the parcels Benoît farms in Ambonnay.

The Shaman series is Benoît’s NV line-up of wines, roughly consisting of 2/3’s Pinot Noir and 1/3rd Chardonnay, depending on the year, and is entirely from Grand Cru parcels.


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