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Condesa Prickly Pear & Orange Blossom Gin

Condesa Prickly Pear & Orange Blossom Gin

  • Micro-batch gin crafted in Mexico City
  • Distilled at Flor de Luna, a women-owned-and-operated micro-distillery established in 2015. Maestra Destiladora, Hillhamn Salome, co-created the brand.
  • Botanicals include juniper, xoconostle (magenta prickly pear), orange blossom, raspberry, coriander, and lime zest; all are sourced in Mexico
  • Neutral grain base distillate of corn, rye, wheat, and barley; sourced in Mexico
  • Produced using two 400-liter copper pot stills that were manufactured in Mexico, specifically for Flor de Luna.
  • A two-day maceration of juniper, prickly pear, raspberry, coriander, and lime zest is run on one of the two stills to create a botanical concentrate which is then brought to proof. Separately, an orange blossom tincture is distilled and precisely incorporated into the final blend.
  • A truly dry gin with zero added sugar
  • Vibrant prickly pear, floral orange blossom, and a pop of raspberry acidity combine to deliver a refreshing and summery spirit.
  • 43% ABV

Inspired by afternoons in Mexico City, Condesa Prickly Pear & Orange Blossom dials back the juniper and exhibits a light, natural sweetness from the xoconostle (magenta prickly pear). This expression is a great gateway gin for newcomers to the category and works well in any cocktails that feature fruit, such as an Aviation, Clover Club, or Bramble.


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