Hazelburn 12 Yr Sherrywood Scotch

Hazelburn 12 Yr Sherrywood Scotch

This release of Hazelburn sherry wood was as usual matured exclusively in oloroso sherry casks. This release was limited to 9,000 bottles.


Initially we’re getting chocolate, lightly roasted coffee and caramac bars. As it sits in the glass it develops notes of prune juice, treacle, fudge, and Christmas cake. There’s not a huge amount of Campbeltown funk, but It’s an incredibly inviting nose for anyone who loves a well sherried dram. Going back to it one last time and we can pick out some a sherry vinegar and raspberry jam.


The promise of the nose is delivered on the palate and we’re getting treacle, fudge, and Christmas cake in abundance. It’s got a good length finish with lots of sherry sweetness lingering along with a little a spice from chilli and ginger. It’s also got really good alcohol integration with just the right amount of alcohol bite here, and a great mouthfeel that really coats your tongue. As we go back to it we’re noticing caramel, prunes, and just the slightest bitterness from dark chocolate.


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