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VESO 'Eclipse' Earl Grey Aperitif

VESO 'Eclipse' Earl Grey Aperitif

Tea always evokes such positive memories for me. Sipping black tea transports me to a foggy morning in the London countryside. I can brew a cup in the afternoon as a calming ritual, and imbibe with just a mild hint of caffeine, so as to not keep me awake all night. Everything about it is calming. And Earl Grey is one of my favorites to sip on its own, black. It has such a distinct aroma, with the rich tea leaves rounded out by bright, floral bergamot peels (which, embarrassingly, I have only in recent years realized is a type of citrus). Our Earl Grey aperitif is infused with pounds and pounds of Earl Grey Tea leaves. The tea is sourced from Numi, our neighbors over in Oakland, who make it with Organic and Fair Trade Assam Black Tea and Organic Bergamot. To that, we added more bergamot peels to really make the flavors pop. We infused everything in high proof spirits for a precise amount of time, a delicate balance to ensure we maximized extraction of the tea without pulling out too much bitterness or astringency. Tea is naturally high in tannins and bitterness (you’ll notice the soft, velvety mouthfeel) which we balance with cane sugar to smooth it out. Enjoy before, during, or after a meal, on its own, in a spritz, or mixed into a cocktail.

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