Temescal 'Subliminal Vibrations' West Coast Double IPA (4-pk)

Temescal 'Subliminal Vibrations' West Coast Double IPA (4-pk)

Equal parts Nelson, Mosaic, and Talus form a citrusy, tropical, and heady trifecta in this massively hoppy West Coast DIPA. I’ve been itching to use Talus for a while, after falling in love it’s distinct pink grapefruit and sage aromatics. The classic combo of Nelson and Mosaic backs it up with ripe notes of guava, peach, diesel, and other tropical flavors. Pilsner malt, Jasmine Rice, Dextrose, and Cal Ale yeast make for a crisp, dry beer that lets those hops shine. Fans of Anything Could Happen take note - this West Coast DIPA is very much in the same vein.

ABV: 8.3%


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