Temescal 'Squish' Grapefruit IPA (4-pk)

Temescal 'Squish' Grapefruit IPA (4-pk)

The Temescal team spent an entire day zesting and juicing copious amounts of fresh grapefruits for this over top, citrusy IPA. The zest tickles the nose, while a touch of acidity from the juice brightens the flavor. Amarillo joins the fruit in the dry hop, lending aromas of pungent orange. Cascade in the kettle rounds out the citrussyness, without adding too much in the way of bitterness. A mild, stonefruity ester compliments the citrus in a delightful way. Keep an eye out for a brett bottle conditioned version of this beer in the coming months.

Appearance: Golden Yellow, Hazy, Fluffy White Head
Aroma: Grapefruit, Orange, Stonefruit
Mouthfeel: Juicy, Structured
Flavor:Grapefruit, Orange, Stonefruit

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