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Temescal 'Resting our Eyes' Kolsch Style Ale

Temescal 'Resting our Eyes' Kolsch Style Ale

This easy-drinking Kölsch is a different kind of collaboration beer — it was brewed with Tahirah Rasheed and Autumn Breon, the co-curators of Resting Our Eyes, a new art exhibition at ICASF.

Tahirah and Autumn’s show features 20 multi-generational Black artists, whose work all speaks to the belief that beauty, rest, pleasure, and self-expression are radical and necessary acts.

Together we crafted a beer to celebrate those same ideals and to support the show. The result is soft, light, easy, and beautiful. Honey-like pilsner malt is joined by a dash of herbal hops and subtle apple esters.

We invite you to rest a moment and to sip in leisure.

Be sure to check out Resting Our Eyes, an exhibition at ICASF running from Jan 21 - June 25. Partial proceeds from the sale of Resting Our Eyes cans will help fund the See Us Magazine publication, to be released in June at the end of the exhibit.

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