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Solkiki 'So Woke' Coffee & Chocolate Bar (Vegan)

Solkiki 'So Woke' Coffee & Chocolate Bar (Vegan)

Plant-milk-free, dairy free, soy free, cashew free, oat milk free, even coconut milk free white chocolate, like never before.  Just 3 gorgeous ingredients combine to create myriad notes in this coffee-lovers bar.   Cacao butter, Coffee, Cane sugar.  All organic.

 This bar features an incredible cacao butter from Peru.  We use natural cacao butter, this mean it has not been deodorized. So, it brings it's own flavours and complexity to the bar - pay particular attention to the finish as the melt is almost done... the butter establishes an unbeatable baseline.   It is truly an outstanding cacao butter, during testing it beat every blind, cacao butter taste-test we endured over the course of several months.



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