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Olfactory Brewing, Suminagashi - Hoppy Rice Lager (4PK)

Olfactory Brewing, Suminagashi - Hoppy Rice Lager (4PK)

Suminagashi - Hoppy Rice Lager - 4.8% 

“In collaboration with Laughing Monk, we used 40% rice for this brew, split evenly between jasmine and flaked rice, and admiral pilsner for the remainder. A single decoction provides for a lightly fragrant, but crisp base. We mash hopped whole cone El Dorado, for a orange blossom taste and aroma, and we whirlpool heavily with American Noble Citra, akin to something between trim and scissor hash, but displays amazing pear, green tea, and matcha aromas. Fermented cold with a blend of German lager yeasts, we finished off with a light Meridian dry hop. Beautiful aromas of lemon and raspberry compliment this delicately aromatic lager. Very pretty.”


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