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NV Hampden Estate Great House Rum 2021

NV Hampden Estate Great House Rum 2021

Hampden Great House 2021 is the third release of the exclusive distillery edition. Available for sale at the distillery and in limited quantities in select markets. Hampden Estate Distillery Edition is a tribute to the distillery's Great House, still standing in its original form. Built in 1779 by the Stirling family, the first floor was used for rum storage (barrels waiting to be transferred to port) until the 20th century. Today, it has become the house of representation and reception for guests and visitors. Hampden Great House Rum is a blend of different marks and vintages, evolving with every annual edition. Each new blend aims to highlight a different aspect of the rich and diverse Hampden aromatic profile. The 2021 edition is a blend of medium and high ester marques. It reveals a complex and savory profile, a pure single Jamaican rum with defined structure and evolved integrity. Profile: Distinguished and firm. Nose: Refined. Cocoa bean, acacia and ripened pineapple. Palate: Taut and lively. Richly herbaceous, bright verbena, rosemary. Finish: Persistent. Fresh pastry, coriander, lime and honeysuckle.

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