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Minnow Salt Cured Anchovies in Olive Oil

Minnow Salt Cured Anchovies in Olive Oil

Caught in the Cantabrian Sea by the artisanal purse seine fishing method in Europe's first MSC certified sustainable anchovy fishery. These waters produce the world's best anchovies, flesh that is at once buttery, fatty and rich. Once caught the anchovies are placed in a salt brine for a few hours before being headed, gutted and sorted by size, a process all done by hand. The next step involves packing them in barrels with salt for the slow aging process of at least 4 months. Then they are cleaned, filleted and packed into tins with olive oil. These anchovies can be used in all manner of cooking where recipes call for them but they really shine as whole filets on toasts, in salads or on your pizza. Keep cool, or in the fridge, for maximum shelf life.

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