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Mezonte 'Candido' Mezcal Jalisco (200ml)
Mezonte 'Candido' Mezcal Jalisco (200ml)

Mezonte 'Candido' Mezcal Jalisco (200ml)

Cándido Romero, better known as Cande, is part of the third generation of a mezcal-producing family; a tradition, as long as he can remember.

The community where Cande lives, Loma de Guadalupe, about four hours by car from Guadalajara, is recognized for the vast presence of the Ixtero maguey variety, representative of the arid and sunny soils of southern Jalisco.

Cande is extremely careful with his work processes, which is why he only uses capon agaves that have matured for more than 16 years. He uses the Philippine still and other production methods employed in southern Jalisco; crush the magueys with an ax or use a small mechanical crusher only when necessary.

Cándido usually follows his grandfather's advice to the letter: from knowing how and when the ferment is ready to how copper vessels should be washed. He always looks happy and positive and it shows in his mezcales. In his patio, there is a small nursery for both agaves and trees native to Zapotitlán. He and four other producers have worked together on this project focused on the preservation of species such as the parota, the pitaya, the mesquite and the bonnet.

Mezonte is an non-governmental organization (NGO) that promotes, supports and preserves the production and practices of traditional agave spirits. Mezonte’s main objective is to create awareness of the cultural and biological value that these spirits represent. They feature agave spirits from all over Mexico, with an emphasis on Jalisco and Michoacán.


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