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Jose Gourmet Red Peppers Jam (8.8 oz)
Jose Gourmet Red Peppers Jam (8.8 oz)

Jose Gourmet Red Peppers Jam (8.8 oz)

Unique, unusual, unforgettable. This sweet and spicy medley unites bright red pepper, tart white wine vinegar, and pure sugar—a surprising and supernatural palate pleaser.

Red peppers are essential for classic Portuguese cuisine, whether in a simple salad, as a soup base, or any other typical (and typically divine) dish. The capsicum family has an obligatory presence in every Iberian Peninsula kitchen.

For this satisfying jam, Portuguese red peppers are sourced from small farms between the regions of Ribatejo and Alto Alentejo. Seeds are removed, peppers are sliced into generous pieces, washed, chopped, blended with complementary ingredients, and refined to peppery perfection.

JOSÉ Gourmet jams are affectionately handmade with traditional recipes and approximately 70% fruit and 30% sugar. No artificial chemicals are used and conservation is naturally obtained by pasteurization in large pots of boiling water.

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