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Home Base 'Bitter No. 02'

Home Base 'Bitter No. 02'

Home Base’s first liqueur release is their West Coast take on an amaro-style bitter liqueur. A California-grown grape brandy base is infused with winter-harvested citrus, fruits and botanicals, and bittered with gentian root and bitter orange. Sip neat as a digestif or use it to brighten any drink.

BITTER BATCH 3 - Released February 2022

32.2% ABV

Brandy base distilled from red grape blend grown in Livermore, CA

Distilled at Sutherland Distilling in Livermore, CA

Infused with: Bitter orange peel, lemon zest, orange zest, gentian root from Oaktown Spice Shop

Fresh organic pomegranate grown CA

Fresh organic orange peel grown in CA

Oleo saccharum from meyer lemon peel grown in CA

Tasting Notes: zest, citrus, floral, bitter, candied orange peel


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