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Heiwa Shuzo Tsuru Ume Lemon

Heiwa Shuzo Tsuru Ume Lemon

Tsuru-ume Lemon is a limited, seasonal Tsuru-ume. It uses local lemons from Wakayama, squeezed with the skin left on. You will enjoy the harmony of acidity, gentle sweetness and zest flavor from the skin. Tart and refreshing!

Best Served: Chilled, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Heiwa Shuzo was founded in 1928 and is located just outside Kainan City in Wakayama. The site where the brewery is located was a temple for over 500 years before the brewery was established. It wasn't until 1957 when Sake production commenced full-time. The brewery is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, blessed with high precipitation, resulting in a boundless supply of good quality soft spring water, perfect for brewing Sake.


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