Hanabi Summer 2021 Francin Helles Style Lager Beer (500ml)

Hanabi Summer 2021 Francin Helles Style Lager Beer (500ml)

Brewers Nick Gislason and Jennifer Angelosante, Napa California

'The Grains: Francin is a variety of springtime barley, grown very near our original homeland of the San Juan Islands, in Washington State. The barley fields literally abut the ocean, and these pure, maritime growing conditions help develop a floral and sweet-hay-like character in this barley. As a springtime barley variety, it was planted in April, and harvested in August and September.'

The Beer: Francin brings ethereal aromas of floral sweet-hay and an oceanic minerality, reflective of the fields that it came from, where the ocean meets the Skagit Valley. Wanting to honor the nuances of this delicious grain, we brewed a style of beer called Helles Lager that we feel provides the clearest lens straight to the grain itself. While difficult and unforgiving to make, owing to its subtlety, it offers an honest expression of the grain, in the truest sense'


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