Grateaud 'Bouquet des Borderies' Cognac

Grateaud 'Bouquet des Borderies' Cognac

Situated in Cherac in the heart of the Borderies Cru, the Grateaud family has been passing on the art of Cognac-making from father to son for five generations. Borderies Cognac has a distinctly unique personality from Grande and Petite Champagne, showing plush, sweet fruit alongside jubilant aromatics of honey and wildflowers. The soils are predominantly clay, peppered with chunks of flint. The spirits of Borderies have a tendency to age a bit quicker, showing complex nutty flavors, combined with a noticeable purple flower quality. For this reason, Cognacs of Borderies are beloved amongst negociants for mixing into younger expressions of Cognac for complexity.

Bouquet des Borderies has an intense and aromatic nose offering hints of oak, warm earth, toasted nuts, and white fruit. This young but evolved Cognac, characteristic of the Borderies cru, has already achieved a fine balance between age and alcohol.

A perfect introduction to Cognac from this fifth-generation producer, located in the heart of the Borderies cru, “Bouquet” is a softer, sweeter style, with beautiful balance between its wood, fruit, and tannins.


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