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FloraLuna Tonic Cocktail and Botanical Soda Syrup

FloraLuna Tonic Cocktail and Botanical Soda Syrup

Ditch the pre-made tonic, get more for your money and reduce waste of all those glass bottles. Make your own.

The perfect addition to cocktails in need of a little something extra. Sweet and tangy, with an almost gelatinous texture reminiscent of glycerin or aloe, it strikes the tongue with a nice, sharp acidity that’s mouthwatering and leaves you wanting more. A faint note of citrus that doesn’t lean any which way toward lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit is both haunting and lingering, while mellifluous notes of calendula and yarrow, other unknown plants that conjure wheaten fields in the summer sun, mellow the acidity and round out the flavor profile. 16-32 servings per bottle. Refrigeration after opening is recommended


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