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Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur (700ml)

Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur (700ml)

Fiorente is an all-natural Italian liqueur made of wild elderflowers. Its formula includes mint, lemon and lime infusions, to add a zesty finish to its delightfully floral and herbal character. With 20 percent ABV, Fiorente can be used as a base for aperitivo drinks, or as a modifier in more complex cocktails. Fiorente has a lower sugar content than most
other elderflower liqueurs which we love.

Established in Ghemme, Piemonte, the distillery benefits from an exceptional environment, under the Alps and near to lakes Maggiore and Orta. This region has some of the purest air and cleanest waters in Europe. The Francoli distillery was the first ever to be officially certified ‘carbon-neutral’ with ‘zero footprint’ by Lifegate, the reference for Sustainable development in Italy


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