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Domaine d' Esperance 'Cobrafire' Eau de Vie

Domaine d' Esperance 'Cobrafire' Eau de Vie

Double distilled on a traditional Armagnac column still, the spirit is rested for three months in stainless steel before bottling without dilution. The Eau de Vie is produced from 50% Baco and 50% Folle Blanche grapes grown on 8 hectares in Mauvezin-d'Armagnac under the care of Claire de Montesquiou (Armagnac family producers dating back to 900AD). A tiny production, distillation is slow and takes two weeks for 900 liters, or a 1200 bottle batch. At the moment, they are producing just one batch per year. With no additives or water dilution, this 51.5% abv eau de vie de raisin is ideal for cocktails

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