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2021 Sauro Maule 'SGASS' Petillant Naturel

2021 Sauro Maule 'SGASS' Petillant Naturel

Pet nat of Garganega & Durella 

Garganega is the local grape variety on the volcanic hillsides of Gambellara. Vineyards vineyards are located in a small sub-zone called Creari where the soils also have a proportion of limestone, which enables the grape variety to best express itself. On the Gambellara hills, the oldest vines are more than 50 years old.

Durella is a typical and autochthonous variety in the Lessini Hills, characterized by a marked acidity, a characteristic that makes it particularly suitable for sparkling wines. It reaches maturity between the middle and the end of September. Excellent when combined with garganega because one completes the other and becomes even more beguiling, especially in a blend like SGASS.


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