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2021 Maurer 'Rock&Roll' Kadarka

2021 Maurer 'Rock&Roll' Kadarka

We visited this part of the Krisztus Vineyard (Serbia) in April 2022. I thought we were passing through some older abandoned vineyards because nothing was pruned and most vines were already at 2-3 leaves. Oszkár pointed at it and said these are mutant clones of Kadarka that only yield around 200 grams per vine, so he’s been letting it go completely un-pruned to see what happens. This wine lives up to the main goal Oszkár sees in the Fruška Gora – there must be intense fruit first then acidity second. Super small clusters were lightly treaded and then left on the skins for 2 weeks followed by a year in oak barrels. It was bottled unfiltered by gravity with zero additions. This is high octane fruit driven Kadarka befitting of the name. Danch & Granger

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