2020 Vivanterre 'GSP' Rose Pet Nat

2020 Vivanterre 'GSP' Rose Pet Nat

Blend of both white and red grapes, 50% Gamay, 40% Syrah, and the last 10% is made up of Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner. The resulting wine is lightly sparkling, dark rose, full of red fruit and spice, yet with structure and balance.

The Gamay grapes come from vineyards owned and farmed by Patrick Bouju and Justine Loiseau, on the southern end of the Beaujolais appellation. The grapes come from 40-50-year-old vines planted on terroir of blue stone. The grapes undergo maceration on the skins for 5 days to extract color and fruit. The Syrah grapes are from Roussillon, near the town of Canet, farmed by Vincent Lafage, an organic grower. The grapes come from a young vineyard—the vines are about 10 years old and are located near the sea. The Syrah grapes underwent direct press. Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc grapes hail from Heiligenstein in Alsace from the Goepp family. The grapes were planted on 30-year-old vines in a clay / blue stone terroir. The Sylvaner grapes come from Rosheim, also in Alsace, from a vineyard that is rich in limestone, with 60-year-old vines. The Sylvaner comes from the vineyards of the Dreyer Family. All three varieties undergo direct press together. The Gamay were macerated on the skins, while the Syrah and white grapes underwent direct press, and all varieties were combined before fermentation was completed.

Our pink petnat was bottled in mid-September 2020 and once bottled, fermentation continued, until disgorgement on July 10, 2021. There was no fining, filtering, or SO2 added during any phase of winemaking.


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