2020 Stagiaire 'Scales and Arpeggios' Rose of Sangiovese

2020 Stagiaire 'Scales and Arpeggios' Rose of Sangiovese

'Sangiovese from Ascona Vineyard at 2500ft elevation in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Farmed by my good friend Ken Sweggles of Rhizos Viticulture under my direction. Dry farmed(except for this one part that sometimes sees water runoff from our improvised hot tubs), no till, beyond organic. Due to the fires in 2020 this was picked
slightly earlier than I’d like. The grapes smelled like bbq sauce as I was loading the press and the free-run was black with ash, so it went down the drain. Very VERY gentle pressing. Settled overnight and then moved to barrels to ferment and age for a year without topping. The wine has very little color and could be mistaken for a white wine. The acid, concentration, and tightrope of oxygen with pleasant reduction might make you think of a Jura white.'

48 cases produced


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