2020 Maurer Oszkár 'Rock&Roll' Kadarka

2020 Maurer Oszkár 'Rock&Roll' Kadarka

100% Kadarka

Fruška Gora, Serbia

We visited this part of the Krisztus Vineyard in April 2022. I thought we were passing through some older abandoned vineyards because nothing was pruned and most vines were already at 2-3 leaves. Oszkár pointed at it and said these are mutant clones of Kadarka that only yield around 200 grams per vine, so he’s been letting it go completely un-pruned to see what happens. This 2020 lives up the main goal Oszkár sees in the Fruška Gora – there must be intense fruit first then acidity second. Fermented and aged in amphora for 10 months, it was bottled unfiltered by gravity with zero additions. This is high octane Kadarka befitting of the name.


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