2020 Les Petites Mises Amanduir Languedoc France

2020 Les Petites Mises Amanduir Languedoc France

100% Macabeu from perfectionist vigneronnes Etienne and Nathalie based in the Hérault; both saline and piney all at once 

The couple is very careful in the cellar; all grapes are destemmed and fermentation occurs in upturned oak barrels with the grapes macerating for the duration of alcoholic fermentation. They never press the grapes to avoid unwanted bitterness from seeds and age exclusively in glass demijohns and Georgian amphorae at a minimum of 18 months. In continuing their careful approach with cellar work they are similarly rigorous with cleaning; they use locally made sponges produced from natural materials and sanitize equipment with grape distillate made from their leftover musts. 


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