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2015 La Tronque (Nicolas Bastin) ‘Point d’ Equilibre’ Rouge

2015 La Tronque (Nicolas Bastin) ‘Point d’ Equilibre’ Rouge

70% Braucol 20% Duras, 10% Syrah from a plot on top of hill with great ventilation.  Destemmed fruit and foot stomped then macerated for a month. Wine is then transferred to 600L barrels and let it sit untopped for 18 months. Then the rest of the aging in bottle

Nicolas Bastin is originally from the Pyrenées moved to the Gard to farm cattle and make his own cheese, fell into natural wine with a bottle of Phillip Jambon who he still holds to super high value. He then searched for a place to make his own wine and settled in the Tarn where land is a bit less expensive. Bought Domaine de la Tronque in 2015 from a guy who taught him how to make wines himself. After learning from him for a year Nicolas took over the domain, then turned it far more radical. Although already organic and making wines without sulphites, Nicolas stopped pruning, tilling, or topping any of his wines. 

Great for classic drinkers, lots of violets and dark berry fruit


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