2020 Domaine Didon Aligote

2020 Domaine Didon Aligote

100% Aligote, Organic, Biodynamic. 10 months elevage, racked once at bottling with no sulfur

David and Naïma Didon, husband and wife team grow grapes and make wine together in Chassey-le-Camp in the Côte Challonnaise in Southern Burgundy. David plows by horse, and otherwise works his vineyard manually to minimize any machines (no tractors!) in his vineyard. He is a seasoned, and passionate, biodynamic farmer. He uses biodynamic preparations (and dynamizes each one) in the vineyard “to give information to the vines;” and to add a “cosmic force” to the earth.

The cellar is just below the vineyard. Inside, David and Naïma are completely hands-off – no additives (not even sulfites), and they use a mix of neutral oak, stainless steel, and fiberglass vessels for fermentation and aging.
Their wines are pure and crystalline – even cosmic – and it’s powerful and eye opening to see the consummation of David’s lifelong labors in someone else’s vineyards in his family’s own parcel. Ever the freethinker, he’s now free to make the detailed, life-affirming choices in the vineyard that bigger domains would never risk. The future is particularly bright for wine lovers as he and his friends Julien Altaber, Dominique Derain, and Morgane Seuillot redefine quality and terroir in Burgundy through their conscientious farming. -Offshore Wines


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