2020 Oda Family Winery Tsolikouri Orbeluri White

2020 Oda Family Winery Tsolikouri Orbeluri White

"In 2015 the journalist and vitner Keto Ninidze and her husband Zaza Gagua (Martvilis Marani) packed up their two small daughters and left Tblisi to make wine in the northwestern Semegrelo region in the foothills of the Caucuses. Zaza’s great-grandparents built their traditional home, known as an Oda, over one hundred years ago. Like all traditional Odas it was built from wood, with the whole structure raised off the ground, and ornate touches that decorate the exterior. Each house comes with a cellar that was meant to store wine for the household. Keto is making wine in the same cellar as her husband’s great-grandmother." -Roni Selects

95% Tsolikouri, 5% Orbeluri Ojaleshi


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