2020 Herrenhof Lamprecht 'Furmint of Sandstones' Furmint

2020 Herrenhof Lamprecht 'Furmint of Sandstones' Furmint

100% Furmint

Vulkanland, Austria

Planted back in 2010, this was once a very important grape in the region known as Mosler. Although largely lost due to Phylloxera, it’s markets cut off due to the Iron Curtain, and the decline of traditional field blends (Gemischter Satz), this grape persists here due to a handful of growers like Gottfried. It’s also ideally suited for climate change. After a relatively short maceration (12-36 hours), it’s then fermented and aged in 600L oak barrels for one year. The limy sandstone and lack of botrytis both offer something completely new as opposed to the volcanic ridden soils of Somló and Tokaj. The aromatics are jumpy without being forced, the texture is smooth despite zero residual sugar, and there’s simply a lot packed into a sub 12% alcohol package


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