Contratto Vermouth Rosso

Contratto Vermouth Rosso

A base wine derived from 100% estate-grown Cortese grapes from Piedmont, Italy
Extracts of 31 different herbs, spices, roots and seeds, including coriander, laurel, chamomile, cinnamon, ginger, angelica, clove, nutmeg, bitter orange, gentian, nettle, sweet orange, carob, juniper, rhubarb, hibiscus, sage, cinchona, lemon, elderberry, bergamot, licorice and sandalwood
Natural caramel added for color
Fine crushing of the botanicals through a hammer mill
Cold extraction with hydro-alcoholic solution over 20 days
Blended into base wine, sweetened and fortified with grape-based distillate
17% abv

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