Mezcal Cuish, Madrecuishe Joven

Mezcal Cuish, Madrecuishe Joven

Founded 2009, Cuish was the first modern mezcaleria in Oaxaca City, dedicated to promoting and protecting traditional mezcales. It has been a haunt for artists and mezcal advocates alike, and helped to inspire numerous iconic mezcalerias across the country. Promoting the maestros mezcaleros and mezcaleras they collaborate with has always been a focus for Cuish, and production is left entirely to the discretion of the maestros themselves and the local traditions in which they work. As a result, every batch bottled by Cuish is a unique snapshot of the people and place from which the mezcal comes.

Produced in San Luis Amatlán, Oaxaca by maestro mezcalero Agustín Quendoliain, this example of the Agave karwinskii variety was distilled using a traditional copper pot still with a small external condenser (or “refrescadera”) which is common in the southern mountains of Miahuatlán. Aromatic and powerful, this is an outstanding and unique mezcal. Highly recommended. 48% ABV


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