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Mezcal Cuish 'Ensamble Mixteca'

Mezcal Cuish 'Ensamble Mixteca'

  • Maestro Mezcalero: Pantaleón López
  • Produced in Teozacoalco, Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca
  • 50% Espadín (A. angustifolia), 25% Espadilla (A. rhodacantha), 25% Horno (A. americana)
  • Cooked in a conical underground oven; crushed with a mechanical grinder
  • Fermented in open air sabino (cypress) vats (“tinas”)
  • Distilled twice using a Filipino-style hybrid still of clay and stainless steel
  • Fresh leather, tobacco leaf, orange zest, salted caramel, parmesan, plantain, dark fruit & wet stone

Pantaleón is at least the 4th generation mezcal-producer in his family, living above a lush river in a small rancho community of about 60 people outside Teozacoalco. The mezcales Pantaleón and his family produce are, like the region, a bit different than anything else in Oaxaca.


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