Mezcal Cuish 'Cerrudo'

Mezcal Cuish 'Cerrudo'

  • Maestro Mezcalero: Rufino Felipe Martinez
  • Produced in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca
  • 100% Cerrudo (A. americana)
  • Cooked in a conical underground oven
  • Milled by hand using wooden mallet
  • Fermented in open air cypress vats (“tinas”)
  • Distilled twice using traditional clay pot stills
  • The nose kicks off with sharp cheddar, clementines, bbq sauce, honeysuckle, and corn silk… but the palate rolls hard into sweet green herbs, lemon zest, buttered popcorn, and papaya. Pretty wild stuff

A legendary maestro mezcalero, in one of the most important and historic mezcal communities in Oaxaca—Santa Catarina Minas—Rufino Felipe Martinez (aka Tio Rufino) has been distilling over 65 years. An unmistakable character, with a quick smile and omnipresent cigarette on his lips, Tio Rufino swears that the hard work of mezcal has maintained his health (and physique, which he is not shy about showing off to visitors). Working within the confines of the distinct Minero style of mezcal – unique to his community of Santa Catarina Minas – Rufino mills his agave by hand, using a massive mortar and pestle-style wooden mallet, and distills only using traditional clay pot stills.


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