2021 Caleb Leisure 'Poppysma' Cabernet Sauvignon

2021 Caleb Leisure 'Poppysma' Cabernet Sauvignon

Somewhere between red and pink, very lightly sparkling, high-toned, bramble.

Poppysmic comes from the Latin poppysma. It refers to the sounds produced by smacking the lips. Perhaps in satisfaction, perhaps in admonishment. Fitting for this wayward wine.

This one was destined to be an elegant pet nat rose. A serious sparkler. Then the ferment stopped at 2 brix. Rather than put it in the bottle and hope, I held it in tank until the spring, when I decided to blend it with a small lot of clay-aged Cab from the same vineyard. The ferment did pick up a bit with the blending and the warm weather, but there was still a fair amount of RS. It felt important to capture the primary freshness of this fruit, so into bottle and under crown cap it went. Now the hope kicked in. Thankfully, the wine complied. A couple months in bottle, and it began to develop a very slight natural carbonation, and the wine snapped into balance. Not the wine I intended to make, but the wine I did make. Serve chilled.



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